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    The Corrente Flow Sensor from PRS Japan is an exciting new aquarium accessory which is the first of its kind for the aquarium world. Consisting of two separate parts, an inline sensor which comes in a range of sizes up to 1″ in diameter, and it is paired up a very swanky full color LCD display which indicates water temperature and the estimated flow rate.

    [​IMG]PRS Japan sent us a sample unit to test and review and we have to say we are incredibly impressed with the build quality and thoughtfulness that went into this unique device. The actual flow meter is built from heavy duty ABS plastic with sturdy male pipe thread on both ends, and eight stainless steel screws secure a removable ‘lid’ from the actual sensing chamber for maintenance.

    [​IMG]Opening up the in-line flowmeter reveals basically a huge ‘impeller’ with a tiny magnet at the tip which uses a micro-generator to generate an electrical signal that is then converted to a flow rate. The electrical signal from the flow meter as well as a thermistor temperature probe relay the information to a large and incredibly bright full-color LCD display.

    [​IMG]The LCD display for the Corrent digital flow meter indicates flow rate in liters, temperature in Celsius, with the minimum and maximum temperature and flow rate also being displayed. We can’t wait to set up the Corrente in regular use to learn and know much more precisely how much water volume our return pump actually pushed to its display tank.

    The Corrente digital flow sensor is absolutely not a necessity, but seeing how well PRS Japan put it together we think this device will be very popular with the control freaks out there who like to know everything about their tank. This innovate flow meter is very cool aquarium accessory and it’s just begging to be brought into the U.S. market where we can imagine some intrepid DIYer will make it Apex-Ready in no time. [PRS]




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