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8 May 2007
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The Fluval Prism Color Max Accent LED is one of 8 new LED lights launched by Fluval earlier this summer.  The array of Fluval LEDs represent the upgraded next generation of full spectrum lights in the existing Fresh & Plant and Marine & Reef flagship models.

The Fluval Prism Accent LED is a fully submersible remote-controlled, high-output spotlight LED. The body of the Prism is made from ceramic to help manage heat while still being fresh and saltwater safe. The Prism LED can be used anywhere in your tank, to spotlight your favorite corals or bring light behind your aquascaping.

The Prism Accent LED is remote-controlled by a an optical sensor located on the top of the light in front of the power cable. When you position the Prism Accent LED light in a tank, you will want to make sure your remote has a good line of sight of the photo sensor to control the various lighting channels. Once you position the light with the included suction cup, it can be a little tricky to remove, so it is a good idea to play around with the positioning, and check the light is connecting to the remote, before you stick on the suction cup.

The Prism remote comes with a Red, Green and Blue (RGB) light spectrum which allows users to create up to 80 different color options, including special effects and weather effects. The Prism Accent LED uses 3Watts of power, costs $60, and the light beam can reach up to 6 ft.

We tested out the light in the four primary channels, pictures below and the Prism adds a unique light to the tank, even more when the lights are off. The Prism is not going to replace any of your lights but can create an interesting mood-light or accent features of your tank.

The Prism Accent LED is especially well suited to accenting one of your favorite coral or as a sort of moonlight for examining night time reef aquarium activity. Interestingly, the Prism Accent LED is best suited to creating primary lighting in the smallest of tanks or in creating dramatic night time spotlights in the largest of tanks. [Fluval]

Fluval Prism LED, Red, Green, Blue and White

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