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    The Digital Aquatics Lifeguard aquarium monitoring device is an attractive piece of kit which has the potential to be as useful as it is beautiful. Encased in a gun-metal black anodized aluminum housing, the Lifeguard looks ready for heavy duty aquarium service. If the Lifeguard monitor is as robust as it looks solid, we see this pH/Temperature/water level sensor being a must-have piece of of gear for traveling aquarists.

    Whether you have a full-on aquarium computer or the only thing digital in your reef is the stick-on thermometer, the Digital Aquatics Lifeguard could provide that added piece of mind to help you get the most out of that Corona on the beach. We’ll be swinging by the Digital Aquatics booth again at the Marine Aquarium Expo for another round of pics and info, in the meantime check out the business end of the Lifeguard after the break.*
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