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    Avast Marine has been cranking an entire product line of reef aquarium equipment over the past few months and the latest of their products to come across our review bench (stool) is the 18inch version of the MR10 media reactor. Like everything else they make, the design of the Avast Marine media reactors is utilitarian, and their construction is very pragmatic. The MR10-18 holds 17 cups, 4 liters of media be it biopellets, activated carbon or granular ferric oxide. Media is separated by the use of a nylon mesh discs which are in turn supported by an acrylic disc with a dozen flow holes.

    Black nylon thumbscrew secure the lid down to a very beefy o-ring yet the keyhole flange of the lid means that you can access the reactor’s inside without having to completely remove the thumbscrews. The inlet and outlet fittings of the MR10 are barbed fittings with built-in union valves and as a thoughtful touch, the Avast Marine media reactor has a little cap holder built in the base, and the slip-on cap can be used to block the down flow pipe to prevent pouring any media down this t00b. The Avast Marine media reactors come in a range of sizes from the MR5 which holds five cups of media for $69.99 to the MR16 which holds 30 cups of media for $174.99.* The mid-sized MR10-18 is $134.99, many more pictures of which can be viewed after the break.

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