RSS Hands-on with the Aiptasia Zapper; extermination has never been so gratifying

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    The Aiptasia Zapper is ghetto, but it remains to be seen if it is also fabulous. Sometimes electricity can melt your sump, but it is now being harnessed by the Aiptasia Zapper to discombobulate unwanted cnidarians. At two feet the Aiptasia Zapper is really too long, and it looks like it was hit by the ugly stick, i.e. another Aiptasia Zapper. And at $75 is a little expensive for something that looks like it was built by a hastily trained monkey. But who cares because as soon as you start zapping ‘tazias and majano’s you’ll instantly think of all the times you could have gotten all medieval on their manuses. Elite Reef has received a small shipment of the Aiptasia Zappers and they are shipping these although it’s not yet listed on their website. ReefStock attendees will get a chance at winning one of these in the ReefStock Raffle.
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