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    We were able to get a hold of a pouch of the new ATB HQ Bio Pellets and get up close and personal. Right off the bat we noticed the ATB Bio Pellets are using a cylindrical pellet format instead of the round “pearl” look other have on the market. The ATB bio pellets are very similar in shape and texture as the Warner Marine EcoBAK pellets we wrote about earlier. Will these perform as well as the others in the market? Its too early to tell as the entire bio pellet *industry is still pretty young. But with the reputation of the ATB brand on the line, I can’t see the company bringing any product to market they feel will not perform at a top level. The ATB HQ Bio Pellets run around $39.99 for 500ml and $59.99 for 1000ml. Another product closeup shot after the break. atb-bio-pellets-2.jpg
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