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    Aquatronica had their new 7” touch controller displayed at Interzoo 2012 and we got a quick peak at the Italian aquarium controller. The Touch Controller will sport a 7” touch display, and the ability to connect to the internet via Ethernet or WIFI. Data storage will use SD cards, allowing you to upgrade capacity as needed. Because this controller will be connected to the internet, you’ll be able to control it via your favorite browser or with your iPad or iPhone. All of Aquatronica’s existing systems including power bars, modules, and electrodes will be compatible. Our initial thoughts on the new device are good, with the interface having a very quick and snappy user design. However, not all of the modules of the unit were working when we viewed them, with Aquatronica promising these last few issues were still being programmed. We have a few additional feature points below the break and don’t forget there is another controller that Aquatronica will be releasing which has all the same features as the touch controller minus the 7″ display screen.


    CONNECTIVITY: USB – micro USB – SD card – Ethernet – WiFi through
    Internet Key.
    Display touch 7”
    4 programmable functional key


    Web service for PC, Smartphone, tablet connection in
    order to have the remote control through LAN/Internet.

    Both controllers will be controllable from the web and
    no other software are required.

    Web protocol will be available and open so that users
    can create the own application in order to control the controller as they

    Notification via e-mail.

    Possibility to program and customize the home page in
    order to have immediately under control what the user update, modify more often
    or need to see the most important parameter. Possible to program in the page
    max 12 points.

    Movement among pages thanks icons and scrolling system.

    Operating system Linux.
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