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    If we’ve learned anything from our years of reefkeeping and experimenting with smaller more specific aquarium environments, it’s that keeping a community reef tank with every kind of corals happy in the same aquarium is just about the hardest aquaristik challenge there is. With that notion in mind, we’ve fine tuned every subsequent coral aquarium since EcoReef Zero to have a carefully curated selection of corals which are well adapted to a given environment.

    [​IMG]CoralFish has been really on the ball lately, digging up very unique aquarium concepts like the Zoanthid Tree, and now with the Hammer Coral Heaven. This exquisite nano reef aquarium is our favorite type of reef aquarium, with an emphasis on minimal aquascaping and maximum coral health and vibrance.

    Hammer corals are getting crazier and more colorful every year so this tank is ripe for receiving a variety of wall hammer corals, all of which live like together like great neighbors. The basic glass cube is a perfect vessel for such a great concept aquarium and we have to admit one of the things that really brings the whole thing together is delicious piece of glass art that doubles as a tank drain, the one and only Mame Nano Overflow.

    It’s great to see this type of concept coral keeping really taking hold with reefers exhibiting some restraint to create beautiful marine aquarium displays. We’re sure this isn’t the last cool concept aquarium that we’ll come across, or that CoralFish will come across, so keep it locked here for more artful aquarium installations in the future.

    Hammer Heaven Reef Tank- Absolutely STUNNING! - YouTube
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    Is you clown Hosting the hammers? My clowns make a U-turn around my frogspawn.

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