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    The Halo pH meter is an exciting new chemistry measurement tool from Hanna Instruments that connects to an iPad using bluetooth. The Halo pH meter transmits directly to an iPad application called Hanna Lab essentially turning your Candy Crush gaming hub into a fully fledged pH meter with a range of features not usually available to a standard pH meter.

    The small hand held Halo pH meter has built in temperature measurement to compensate for temperature variable pH readings, transmitting all of this data directly to an iPad. We don’t have to tell you that with a smart tablet like the iPad you also get lots of logging features, intuitive calibration functions that can use up to five buffer solutions, and loads of real-time feedback to get the most accurate pH readings possible.

    [​IMG]Pinch to zoom allows easy rescaling of your pH levels, interval and manual logging of pH data points is also possible did we mention it’s freaking wireless?!? Like the USB PAR Sensor coming soon from Apogee and Biotek Marine, the Halo pH Meter costs $195 and it allows its maker, Hanna Instruments, to focus on the business end of pH measurements while outsourcing the actual metering to an already great and reliable consumer hardware device.

    In an age where we already have plenty of versatile computers in the form of smartphones and tablets, it is a brilliant move from Hanna Instruments to leverage the power of modern electronics. Even the best standalone pH meters, while highly specialized for their purpose, don’t have nearly the horsepower and connectivity powers of any of our smart devices. The marriage of bluetooth Halo pH meter with connected electronics really changes the face of what the future of handheld environmental monitoring will look like. [Hanna Instruments]

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