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Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Zandy, 11 Mar 2013.

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    10 Oct 2012
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    Hi all, i bought a Hailea 500 chiller in Jan from a fellow MASA member, never connected it as i have not had the use yet, then over the weekend hooked it all up, and discovered that its not working. Paid some qualified refrideration guys a lot of money to come out and check what the problem was. They re gassed it 3 times, just for it to last about 45min before all the gas leaks out again. I have now been put into the situation where i cannot afford to buy a new chiller, and scared to buy a secondhand one..lol....so was hoping that there might be a member who has an non working 500 chiller in order for me to get the condensor (as it leaks from there).
    Thank you

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