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    H2Ocean Pro+ Reef Paste is a rather interesting and truly unique method of feeding your fish being released by the folks at D-D Aquarium Solutions. What makes the H2Ocean Pro+ Reef Paste really unique is not in the ingredients or how many vitamins and HUFAs they have loaded inside but is the way it all comes together allowing you to stick the product right on the glass or rock becoming a grazing station for your fish.
    The unique H2Ocean Pro+ Reef Paste is a concoction of fish and shellfish extracts blended with a sticky protein based binder that allows it to be stuck in place with high levels of whole powdered krill provide natural color enhancement. The company trumpets the paste containing a “complete balanced profile and contains our unique soluble amino acid feeding trigger to enhance the feeding response in both fish and corals.” As fish move in to take a bite of the paste, it releases a small cloud of finer particles that can be consumes by corals, filter feeders or other creatures in your system.

    The Reef Paste is being released in the UK shortly in either 125 or 250ml tubs. Recommended retail pricing has not yet been set.
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