Guitar, amp and pedal!

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    21 Mar 2010
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    -Jackson X series fixed bridge King V (inferno red) , Duncan designed pick up's, some chips on the V points( like most V's!)
    -Hughes and Kettner Warp7 100w 2ch amp loaded with a Celestion Vintage 30 in beautiful condition! Can connect another speaker cab
    -Tone bone hot british Tube driven Distortion pedal, Sounds just like a marshal! (real Tube!)

    This is my back up rig, its just sitting collecting dust so come get it!

    -The tone bone is 1 of the best pedals around, made in canada. Power supply incl!
    -The Jackson retails for R7000 alone! Asking R6499 neg
    -Made in Germany Hughes and kettner needs no intro!
    You know this is a killer deal!

    Here are some pics...
    1st pic is of the guitar amp and pedal (on the amp) sorry for the crap quality coz i had to try and shrink the pic

    2. A pic of the pedal


    3. a pic off the net of the amp and the pedal
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