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    The Gryphon AquaSaw is an aquarium approved bandsaw which has been overhauled to be the best coral-cutting machine this side of Mars. Once upon a time we used to cut up stony corals with a plain hand saw, and then Dremel tools with diamond tipped cutting wheels but nowadays, the coral chopping is handled primarily with bandsaws.*Developed in conjunction with Aquarium Specialty, Gryphon took their previous workhorse C-40 bandsaw*and made it even*more better at chopping up corallites.*

    Much like Inland transformed their DFS-100 Bandsaw into the saltwater approved Inland ReefKeeper bandsaw, Gryphon has similarly transformed their C-40 into the AquaSaw with more splash-protected and corrosion-resistant components. The biggest difference between the Inland and Gryphon saws is the use of a direct drive motor in the Gryphon C-40 and AquaSaw whereas the Inland has that pesky belt-driven blade which tends to bounce off if the tension isn’t*just*so.

    Better yet, whereas the Inland has the motor located*below the water-dripping action the Gryphon AquaSaw has the motor top-mounted so it already bypasses much of the drippage that could occur during particularly messy coral cutting sessions. The high speed motor, anodized and stainless parts all contribute to a much more durable machine and one obvious new addition to the Gryphon Aquasaw is the inclusion of a top blade guide since coral bones tend to pull on the bandsaw blade more than wood. The saltwater safe overhaul of the Gryphon Bandsaw C-40 into the Gryphon Aquasaw brings the retail price of this baby to $369, available exclusively from Aquarium Specialty although most prospective buyers will likely be in the business of coral propagation, and therefore amy also qualify for wholesale pricing.

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