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    “French Grunt (Haemulon flavolineatum) is well suited to commonplace aquaculture techniques. The larvae are large at first feeding and readily accept rotifers as an initial diet. Post metamorphosis growth is rapid with juveniles reaching 2 inches in just under 3 months.”

    Those are some bold words coming from the team at Rising Tide, who has recently reared 5 unique species of Grunts (Haeumulidae). *Wittenrich and his team surprised even this author by releasing a blog post today that can only be described as a simple, to the point, instruction manual on how you go about breeding and rearing a Grunt species. *Now if only they were more popular in our home aquariums! *Nevertheless, each species reared in captivity adds to our understanding of marine fish breeding, and is a welcome addition to our communal knowledgebase. *Want to run out and start rearing Cottonwicks? (I sure do!) – Read all about it (with many more photos) on the Rising Tide Blog.

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    Click here to read the article...

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