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    Grube’s Gorgonian is a species of Pacific Pinnigorgia which is very rare in the hobby but it’s about to get a whole lot more available as frags from ORA. Grube’s Gorgonian (pronounced Grooba’s) has a long history of aquarium culture in Europe where it has been handled by many prominent Euro-reefers including Dietrich Stüber of Berlin, Jean Jacques Eckert in France and the late godfather of modern reef aquaria, Peter Wilkens of Switzerland.

    Grube’s Gorgonian was collected in the Philippines in 1990 by Klaus and Rosalia Grube of Berlin who grew this coral out, propagated and shared it with many reef aquarium hobbyists. Like the Stuber Acro and Green Slimer, Grube’s gorgonian has proven hardy and fast growing in captive aquarium, and although we don’t give octocorals enough attention in American reef tanks perhaps this new release from ORA will help propagate the popularity of this often overlooked group of corals.
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