Greetings to you all, nice to have found you

5 Apr 2008
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Springs oki made good
Hi all, after many a year out of the hobby, I'm back on track and about to set up my tank up again. It's been in the garage for the last 10 years :whistling: and was last used as a house for my daughters two hampsters. I hope the silicone is still OK!!

A trip last week to my local fish shop got me interested enough to start googling about marine fishkeeping and I've been fully bitten by the bug again. During my surfing last week I came across this here site and really enjoyed reading the posts. I like the way the site is layed out and find it easy to navigate. I've also been drooling over some of your lovely looking setups & found them truly inspirational. I'm glad I found you guys and very much look forward to being here :cheers2:


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7 May 2007
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In the Koeberg blast radius
masahello Geoff we are just as glad you found us :):)

Wow been out for 10 years, I think you will find things have advanced quite a bit since then even if it is a relatively short period of time.

Undergravel filters, drip filters, wet& dry filters, bio balls/haircurlers etc are now mostly considered old skool, filtration has become a lot more natural with live rock and primarily DSB (Deep Sand Beds) Also skimmers have greatly improved and also almost become affordable for a decent unit such as the reeftek/reefocto range

Also SPS is all the rage, although I still think LPS is the most stunning

Of course finding us has its downside, in the form of having to post pics of your progress:D

You could test the silicon with fresh water to see if it is still water tight, however I would consider redoing the beading in any event, just in case

p.s. seeing your and ex. springs boytjie, where are you now?
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