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    The GreenReset 100 is a canister filter by Sicce which is*so large,*we can’t imagine it comes in one piece. Rated for filtering ponds up to 7,800 gallons in volume, the GreenReset 100 has a huge volume of filtration media which is backed up with two*25 watt integrated UV*sterilizer.

    Standing at three feet tall, the GreenReset 100 has two inch inlet and outlet tubes, and it is equipped with a built in plunger which allows the mechanical filtering foam pads to be be squeezed and flushed out without dismantling the canister. The GreenReset line of are intended for pond use so you’ll have to BYOP (bring your own pump) to make em work.

    Who knows what kind of “aquarium” you could use this on, perhaps one with*really dirty fishes, but we shared this video mostly so you could see how comically small Ralph looks standing next to the Behemoth GreenReset 100 canister by Sicce. [Sicce USA]

    Sicce greenreset 100 one filter - YouTube
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