[wtd] Green Star Polyps

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green star polops

HI All

I'm looking at getting some Green Star Polyps, anyone with frags out there?

Thank you

Have this coral shit picture i am afraid rock is about 150 mm x 100mm and its covered looking at R400 apstasia is for free

green star popops.jpg
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You couldn't wait 45min for him to reply @Secondwave ?
When posting in the Classifieds section please stick to the rules

I just read through the rules David and cant see the rule that you are telling me to stick too please enlighten us to which rule you are quoting, Also David as you know we have a shop running here and stay open for customers after hours and sold that said coral to a walk in customer not long after i offered it on the forum sorry if we upset YOU
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How will this be possible as he has a shop!! Its no different when some of the fish shops advertise Live Stock for sale and when you get there its gone!

Absolutly at least i posted straight away to let him know it was sold but lets leave it there afterall this is not facebook :lol:
This thread is going off topic now.
Please repost your thread if you have not come right with your request.
Thank you.
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