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    As an avid fungiid lover, we were absolutely thrilled to visit that ginormous green splash sandal coral at Global Oceanic Life after MACNA. At the same time we regretted that such an awesome coral was of such an unrealistic size despite having the ballerest pattern we’ve ever seen in this genus.

    Fast forward a couple months and we guess the divers got the memo because all of sudden, over the last couple of weeks, we’ve seen a handful of hand-sized*Sandalolitha sandal corals that are also sporting the sexy chocolate and green pattern. There’s two species of sandal corals in the genus that these corals could be, Sandalolitha dentata and S. robusta and since we brought home this colony in the images, we got to see first hand its sturdy skeleton build, leading us to believe this one is the robust sandal coral, S. robusta.*[​IMG]The green splash sandal coral is super cool because it’s hardy, super colorful and no one is*demanding this coral yet so the price is still in the double digits for beautifully green splattered colonies. Better yet, these highly colonial fungiid corals are exceptionally suitable for captive propagation so as soon as a few decent colonies fall into the hands of coral farmers, it will only be a matter of time until this particular coral strain is spread far and wide, just you watch!


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