Great specials on fish,coral an dry goods

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    Bergvliet, Cape Town
    Fox face R220
    Sailfin tang R295
    Indian sailfin tang R450
    Brown tang R220
    Yellow tang R495
    Snowflake moray eel R259
    Powder blue surgeon R345
    Wimple fish R245
    Banggai cardinal R155
    Pyjama cardinal R45
    Sebae clown R79
    Peppered b/fly R115
    Cream angel R150
    Large koran angel R245
    Small koran angel R189
    Banana wrasse R98
    Cleaner Wrasse R75
    Blackgill fairy wrasse R279
    Diamondback goby R179
    Volitans lionfish R195
    Tomato clown R98
    Coral Beauty R295
    Adult Emperor angel R750
    Juvenile Emperor angel R420
    Pakistani b/fly R169
    Mandarin fish R235
    Grey surgeon R130
    Eibli angel R229
    Cleaner shrimp R189
    Dancing shrimp R65
    Boxing shrimp R79
    Fire shrimp R269
    Pom pom crab R79
    Moorish Idol R189
    Anemone crab R75
    Red starfish R69
    Carpet anemone R229
    Bicolour blenny R75
    Midnight angel R120
    Less 30% on all corals
    Carib Sea Arm Extra Course R265
    500ml Reef Fusion 1 R99
    500ml Reef Fusion 2 R99
    500g Reef Adv Calcium R159
    600g Reef Builder R135
    500g Reef Buffer R135
    600g Reef Adv Magnesium R115
    500ml Orca Nitra Bio cubes R335
    1lt Orca Nitra Bio cubes R595
    500g Orca Magnesium Plus R165

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