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4 May 2007
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Well its finally happening all my return pumps are starting to go one by one, i suppose they do work rather hard. This morning i walked into the garage and noticed the pump to the frag tank had failed during the night, so took the dreaded drive to Northlands, as money for a pump at this time of the month is not in my budget. When i got there i was informed that there were no king 3 pumps in stock and the only one in that flow range was the ATI and i immediately thought 'here we go, break out the credit card'. To my surprise the 3800L per hour is only R800.00 and the big one i think is 4900L ph is R900.00. I was fairly surprised i really expected them to be in the price range of the OR.
Moral of the story is if you looking for a return pump do consider taking a look at the ATI they are really well priced for a great little pump.
Thanks Alan. Another great value for money pump I have found is a Hydor. Found mine at Builders Express for Approx R650-00. Comes with a 2 year guarantee and pumps about 4500l/h. Max head is about 3.2m IIRC. A great little pump too, looks just like my Eheim.
hmmm I'm looking for a return pump for the new tank - think I'll take your advice Thanks :)
What is the wattage and head on those ati pumps?
Sorry Ivan just saw the post now, will check the specs and get back to you.
ATI pump stats

What is the wattage and head on those ati pumps?

Howzit Alan, I saw your post.

Thought I'd grab a quick look at the pump labels!

Specifications of ATI return pump models, CURRENTLY in SA
A2500 2500L 45W 3.1m
A4000 3800L 69W 3.1m
A5800 5800L 79W 3.8m

They are well priced, compact, very energy efficient, and quiet.

Thanks buddy
obi wan, i am interested in 2 pumps could you gimme price pls for these 2 babies

A4000 3800L 69W 3.1m
A5800 5800L 79W 3.8m

obi won got nething in the 20000lt/h range must be able to adapt 40mm or 50 mm pipe to it pref 50 mm and price please
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