Great Ocean Adventures

15 Jun 2007
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Kuilsriver - Western Cape
Hey gang, here's a new one.

I almost never miss the show on Discovery (me thinks) called Great Ocean Adventures. Very interesting, informative and above all, freeking beautiful scenery from around the world.

Last night episode though (04/07/2007), the host was diving somewhere (like I said, I ALMOST never miss it, only saw half the show last night) in the tropics checking out the sunfish again, me thinks). Wherever he was, they've got a "reseeding" plan with witch the locals are trying to protect and expand the reefs there. Again, it was very informative.

Here's the catch though. They've built metal frames, all different shapes and sizes, and hooked up low voltage electrical current on it. These frames are submerged, and the coral frags are tied onto these frames. On the frames that's been in the water for some time already, if they want to put on a new coral, they first have to scrape off the growth off the frame, thus clearing a spot on the actual metal, before a new coral frag can be placed.

Apparently, the low current absorbs the nutrients much quicker from the water, and that makes the corals grow anything between 5 and 16 times quicker!

Has any buffs on the site ever heard of this? How could this info maybe help us aquarists to produce better and bigger corals, with better colours also. Or is this just wishful thinking, maybe I should put back all those broken pumps of mine and create some current, hehe.


5 May 2007
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Woohoo, overclock your corals :D Very interesting indeed...
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