Great New Marine Shipment !!!

Discussion in 'Aquatic Vision' started by Rayhaan, 15 Dec 2015.

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    28 Nov 2011
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    Brackenfell, Cape Town
    Redtooth Trigger R 189.00
    Pearl Toby (Puffer) R 229.00
    Sharp Nose Puffer R 229.00
    Blue Fin Angel R 229.00
    Yellow Fin Angel R 229.00
    Blue Ring Angel Juvenile R 339.00
    Clown Surgeon R 249.00
    Cream Angel R 229.00
    Striped Cardinal R 95.00
    Anthias Dispar R 179.00
    Lyretail Wrasse R 195.00
    Powder Blue Surgeon R 435.00
    Emperor Angel Juvenile R 339.00
    Matara Wrasse R 149.00
    Convict Surgeon R 159.00
    Deep Sea Wrasse R 169.00
    Red Fairy Anthias R 119.00
    Cleaner Wrasse R 98.00
    Boxing Shrimp R 105.00
    Sand Milk Goby R 110.00
    Diamond Goby R 135.00
    Koran Angel Juvenile R 239.00
    Red Tail Blenny R 119.00
    Dragon Goby R 159.00
    Scorpian Blenny R 119.00
    Carpet Anemone R 395.00
    Cleaner Shrimp R 229.00:thumbup:

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