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    Our friend Dan Navin shot this great video diving out in a submerged atoll dubbed the*Eastern Fields in Papua New Guinea recently and aptly titled the video “More fish than water.” Dan grabbed this amazing video footage this month on a dive during his free time and thought of us. We aren’t sure if he’s trying to just give us a great video of a healthy and thriving reef ecosystem or to make us bitterly jealous but either way, this is what he had to say about the video:

    Video footage from the Eastern Fields of Papua New Guinea. The Eastern fields are a large submerged atoll approx 170 km southwest of Port Moresby. Limited fishing pressure, along with nutrient rich water from the Gulf of Papua this time of year, combine to create overwhelming amounts of fish which feed on the suspended food particles. I shot this video during a live aboard dive trip with the MV Golden Dawn, December 2010.

    We appreciate the video and we also look forward to seeing more from him since he’s going to be in Indonesia doing some diving over the holidays. We’ll be sitting here toasty by the fire, thinking about warm and tropical places as we stare*longingly at our reef tanks at home. Thanks again for the video Dan!
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