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8 May 2007
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Grassy LeDio from Volx Japan is the first brand of LED spotlight to cater to discerning marine aquarists. With the release of the Grassy LeDio RX072 Volx Japan breather new life into the LED spotlight form factor, and rekindles our love for these simple yet effective accent lights.

Before we had tunable spotlights, color changing fixtures or LED striplights of any kind, we had the spotlight as our only vessel for dipping our toes into solid state LED lighting. The Grassy LeDio line of LED spotlights are legendary among early adopters for being the first to introduce many of us to the wide diversity of spectrum available from light emitting diodes, including UV LEDs.

The different colors of the Grassy LeDio RX072 from left to right: Sunset, Aqua, Reef, Coral and Deep.

The Grassy LeDio RX072 is a complete refresh of the best LED spotlights from Volx Japan, with all new LED chips, colors, and a swanky new heatsink design. The rainbow of LeDio RX072 ranges from the bright white Aqua, light blue Reef, really blue Coral, the totally blued out Deep and for a splash of color, the multihued Sunset models.

All of the LEDs used in the new Grassy LeDio RX072 use the latest Cree XLamp chips, with each of the seven diodes running at 2 watts each, for a total of 14 watts per spotlight. The new heatsink has a swanky new form factor with built in vents for passive air flow to keep the whole thing cool.

The only complaint we had with the previous generation of Grassy LeDio is that the flush-mounted LEDs produced plenty of glare when looking at the tank. The new RX072 spotlights have secondary lenses with a 50 degree beam angle, and the whole cluster is recessed into a makeshift reflector from the heatsink, which should both reduce glare and direct more of the light down into the aquarium.

All Grassy LeDio spotlights are of the PAR30 variety meaning that they will screw into any old incandescent socket and power right from 110v electricity with no additional power brick. This simplified design makes the Grassy LeDio RX072 an ideal choice for accent lighting large reef tanks, or as we’ve seen in the awesome little nano from Elite Reef, a single spotlight is great for lighting up one small display tank.

There is no current supplier of Volx Japan products in the US, but in Japan the Grassy LeDio RX072 retails for just under $100 except for the RX072 Deep which costs $10 more for the inclusion of exotic ultraviolet spectrum. [Reef Builders Japan]

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