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    If you thought that 40 year old sixbar angelfish is old, then let us introduce you to Granddad. Granddad is an Australian Lungfish, *Neoceratodus forsteri,*living at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago who is more than 80, eight-zero, years old. Granddad first came to live at the Shedd Aquarium during the 1933 World’s Fair.

    Who know how old Granddad was when he was first collected and shipped to America, but for over eighty years visitors to the Shedd Aquarium have been able to stare and gawk at this geriatric-aged fish. Granddad long ago reached an adult size of more than four feet feet so although he may be done with most of his growth, there’s no telling how much longer this lungfish will live to be.*[CBS]

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