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8 May 2007
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Gramma dejongi is one of the most exciting and heart-pounding new species of rare reef fish to be introduced to the world in the last few years. Despite being discovered over five years ago, the illustrious Gramma dejongi is still extremely rare in the aquarium hobby, which makes what we’re about to show you all that more incredible.

An unheard-of a group of rare Gramma dejongi

It’s actually been quite some time since we heard of Gramma dejongi in the hobby so you can imagine our delight when watched this new video of the species. Reef Builders contributor and author of ‘Practical Guide to the Marine Aquarium‘ Tanne Hoff visited Dejong Marinelife recently where he was treated to not just one, not a few, but a whole tank full of Gramma dejongi!

Apparently, our fears that invasive lionfish might eat up all the basslets in the Caribbean were exaggerated since Dejong Marinelife has been able to source a pretty decent batch of these fish from their exclusive supplier in Cuba. The approximately two dozen Gramma dejongi have been in the care of one of Europe’s best fish wholesalers for some time now and this extremely valuable school of the rare basslets is actually destined for public display.

Gramma dejongi photo by Bbox Aquarium

Two years ago Dejong Marinelife treated visitors to InterZoo 2014 with a display of two of the world’s rarest marine angelfishes. A juvenile peppermint angelfish, Paracentropyge boylei, and juvenile tiger angelfish, Apolemichthys kingi, were housed together in an outstanding and prestigious aquarium at InterZoo. To one-up themselves for the next InterZoo, DeJong is planning on setting up a Gramma dejongi biotope aquarium which should absolutely floor their customers and visitors to their booth.

Along with the huge wealth of new products that will be introduced at InterZoo, we greatly look forward to seeing all of the Dejong Marinelife booth which is sure to feature many more exciting fish. But there’s no doubt that we’ll be passing by this display of numerous Gramma dejongi throughout the show and documenting it thoroughly for your enjoyment.
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