RSS Gramma dejongi Hybrid is spotted at B-Box Aquarium in Japan

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    We knew that a Gramma dejongi hybrid with Gramma loreto*was bound to turn up sometime and heer you have it, a perfect blend of both Dejong’s gramma and the royal gramma. What we find most surprising about the Gramma dejongi hybrid is how differently it appears from a regular Gramma dejongi*which had a cuter face and a more slender body.

    If anything this hybrid validates the unique morphologies of both of its parent species and you have to love the neat pink-purple markings on its head. B-Box Aquarium was the lucky recipient of the hybrid Gramma dejongi*from DeJong Marinelife in Holland and if a full-blooded dejongi sells for beaucoup bucks, we hate to know the*astronomical*price tag on this one of a kind specimen of rare reef fish.

    [Reef Builders Japanese]

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