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    Lotilia-klausewitzi-2.png Gracilia klausewitzi is the name of the white-cap goby that comes from Japan, Philippines and the West Pacific

    Gracilia klausewitzi*is the name of a new species of nano goby from the West Pacific Ocean that was just described and differentiated from Gracilia lotiliosa which is now officially recognized as coming only from the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. In a way Gracilia klausewitzi*is not a “new” species to us since the “Gracilia lotiliosa” that we’ve previously seen in the marine aquarium trade all came from Northern*Philippines, and therefore were the same species as the newly described Gracilia klausewitzi. The two fish belonging to the genus Gracilia are allopatric species which means that they do not co-exist or have overlapping ranges and they look pretty different too.*

    Both species of Lotilia*are the same basic black body coloration with a white cap on the dorsal part of the head that we are familiar with, but the “true” Gracilia lotiliosa has a much more vivid ocellus or eye-spot in the dorsal fin which is bordered in an orange line. By contrast, the Gracilia klausewitzi*which we’ve seen from the*Philippines*has a much smaller and less pronounced little black spot instead of an ocellus like in Indian Ocean and Red Sea specimens.

    Gracilia klausewitzi*is still a drop-dead gorgeous and stunning nano reef fish, and we haven’t seen too many come in for a little while but something tells us that now that we know that there’s a “better” Gracilia*out there with a brilliant dorsal eye-spot, collectors in Sri Lanka and Maldives will start looking around for the true Gracilia lotiliosa. Gracilia klausewitzi was described Shibukawa et. al. in the latest edition of Zootaxa:*Review of the shrimp-associated goby genus Lotilia (Actinopterygii: Perciformes:*Gobiidae), with description of a new species from the West Pacific.

    lotilia-graciliosa-red-sea.png True Gracilia lotiliosa only comes from the Indian Ocean and Red Sea, and it features a prominent ocellus in the dorsal fin as this specimen does. Photographed in the Red Sea by Lea Moser


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    Lovely little gobies...:thumbup:

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