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18 May 2007
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The Bay of KZN
hi there everybody,
took me ages to hear i must have a looksee at this new site and after registering faded away, and after logging on and reading the new members letters sean koekemoer's was the first i see. i felt at home and got this brave feeling telling me to go ahead and explore this unknown territory further and i see all the guys i already know-alan-regal and all the rest. dont worry-said welcome to myself and will soon start draining the wise one's brains.
i dont know who was brave enough to start a new site like this but i would like to congratulate those concerned and also send my best wishes to you all. without all the great pioneers a lot of great things and causes would have been lost
Welcome Herkie, great to have you join us :thumbup:

Thanks for those kind words.
Welcome Herkie :)
welcome to masa!
Welcome to MASA Herkie
Welcome Herkie.
Welcome !! The MASA-donian numbers are growing soon we can invade Sparta!!

:gun_bandana: :nuke: :16: :32: :49: :25: :74:
Right behind with that invasion
Hey Herkie welcome to MASA. Thanks again for the kind words.
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