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    I am not basing this on any research I have done, but rather on personal experience. Maybe someone can assist me that have read anything about this;

    As many people might know, gorgonians tend to "strip" tissue when transported or if it is dying. What happens then is you only see the black skeleton of the gorgonian, and no polyps are visible. With many of the gorgonians I have kept, I have noticed that as the gorgonian is growing back this tissue, it would have the very end polyps extend treamendously at the end of the flesh towards the area it is growing to.

    Now my thinking (no researched evidence) is that this is a measure the coral takes to "clear" a path for itself, thus as with many LPS, it uses sweeper tentacles in order to get rid of other coral that might be in the way of it growing.

    I have seen this on all three gorgonians in my tank... Any thoughts?

    Here is a picture:

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    sounds logical, How about perhaps cleaning itself? like a pinchusion?

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