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    Anyone can take videos of freshly collected corals but for us, there’s a distinct attraction that we hold towards corals that corals that are looking great, and appear to have been settled into captive life for a long time. You know what we’re talking about, when you walk into the LFS and you see some jumbo orange Cycloseris*or an*exceptionally*bright and large colony of green star polyps, you know you’re looking at at second-hand coral.

    The same goes for a great spread of uncommonly imported corals and clams, as featured in this stunning up close video of the corals in the reef aquarium of “Martin”. Gorgeous black and blue maxima clam, rare little nano goby peeking out of a large Acropora colony and a myriad of other stunning established aquarium specimens are displayed in glorious detail-revealing video. And take a look at those amazing and happy wire/whip corals!

    Better yet, not only are Martin’s corals large mature colonies of diverse groupd of corals, they are also looking pretty stellar under what would be considered “normal” aquarium lighting with a balanced lighting spectrum not so heavily biased towards the blues and other 400-something wavelength peaks. Another video by Martin below shows the same highly diverse reef aquarium with a top down view, so you can better appreciate the photosynthetic business end of this awesome reef aquarium.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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