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    Hey everyone,

    I started my very first fish tank (never had fresh or marine previously) almost 2 years ago now, and as life would have it I have decided to shut down my tank to focus on some other priorities for now. I built my tank from scratch by myself.

    I would like to think that I ran a pretty successful tank for the two years and I must say that I learned a hell of a lot from people here both during the build and then stocking and keeping all the amazing creatures that make up our hobby. Sure I lost some fish and some of the frags I had didn't quite blossom the way I was hoping but that's all part of it.
    I would like to thank the following people in Masa in particular for their help: Dallas (dallasg), Riaan (RiaanP), Hailey (Hails) and Keith (Nemos Janitor)

    For anyone who is willing to listen, I can tell you what I think makes for a succesful tank and enjoyment in this hobby:

    1 - Any change you make (parameters, chemicals, dosing, etc) make it slowly and be persistent and results happen
    2 - Read and listen to others with experience - there's a reason they still doing this after 10+ years
    3 - Be patient with coral. If you coral doesn't look happy one day, give it the benefit of the doubt.

    Like I say, I will be back one day ... but for now ... Cheers and enjoy your fantastic hobby

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    Sad to see you go and I hope the future would bring you back.

    You really did reach the point of SUCCESS so this is even worse :(

    Hope your focus on your new priorities bring great benefits to you and your family's future.
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    Goodbye VicZA

    Come back soon. With a bang...
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