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    Hi Everyone

    We've got some great looking livestock avaliable as follows.

    Picture Wrasses
    Pygama Cardinals
    Cleaner Shrimps
    Clarki Clowns
    Ocellaris Clowns
    Short-nosed Unicornfish
    Yellow Fin Tang
    Cleaner Wrasses
    Yellow Wrasses
    Black Surgeons
    Yellow Tailed Blue Damsels
    Smiths Blennies
    Red tooth Triggers
    Scorpian Blennies
    Red tailed Blennies
    Social Wrasses
    Leopard Gobies
    Sand Milk Gobies
    Cream Angels
    Keyhole Angels
    Striped Sleeper Gobies
    Orange Skunk Clowns
    Green Chromis
    Mushroom Corals
    Button Polyps
    Carpet Anemones

    As you can see, we have quite a list and these fish have been acclimatised. Prices are very competative so come on in to see what we've got.



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