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    The Goldflake Maroon Clownfish is the latest and greatest new clownfish strain from the trailblazing fish breeders over at Oceans, Reef & Aquariums. Other breeders such as Mike Hoang have been producing similar fish called goldflake maroon clownfish, which is the name adopted by ORA. The golflake maroon clownfish is endowed with a great degree of variability in its patterning, with a very small percentage of offspring displaying an almost solid gold body, the solid gold maroon clownfish.

    jigsaw-maroon-clownfish-300x212.jpg Original wild-caught jigsaw maroon clownfish

    Although they are still a long ways from being available, the solid gold maroon clownfish hint at what ORA and breeders of the goldflake maroon clownfish may be able to arrive at with their domesticated strains of Premnas biaculeatus. The current pictures of the solid gold maroon clownfish show the first small specimens with an all white body and wine-red fins. Looking every bit like the picasso clownfish equivalent of a maroon clownfish, it’s important to remember that gold-stripe maroon clownfish begin life with white bars which begin to turn yellow-gold beginning at about one year of age.

    This is not the first we’ve seen of misbar maroons from ORA as two years ago there were a handful to be seen and gawked at in ORA’s MACNA 2011 booth. Some of these misbarred maroon clownfish have trickeld out of ORA’s posession and out into the wild where the cool mis bar maroons have grown to become documented in videos. With almost all of the focus in domesticated clownfish strains being targeted at Amphiprion species, it’s nice to finally see the maroon clownfish getting some much needed mutation enhancing attention. [ORA]




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