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    The Golden CLownfish of Dr. Chung stunned the world yesterday with only a short, not too well focused video. Well if you thought that was something, just wait until you get a load of these fresh pictures Dr. Chung made just for our enjoyment.

    What looked like a ghostly dream of a fish in yesterday’s video is in fact, a transcendent demi-god of a fish with a golden glow that will simply take your breath away. Some may decry the “guppification” of clownfishes but this golden clownfish is mother nature’s own creation; organic, fair trade, all natural pesticide and herbicide free and always 100% non-GMO.

    The question remains, is this unusual bar-less fish an ocellaris or a percula clownfish? With these much better views of the Golden Clownfish we can clearly see ten distinct dorsal spines, an attribute shared by both*Amphiprion percula*and A. ocellaris. However since this fish was collected in Indonesia, and seeing as Ocellaris has a much broader distribution than Percula, odds are likely that this incredible individual is an Ocellaris clownfish.

    Perhaps the best news about this Golden Clownfish is that it is already in the hands of a very capable, and well respected marine aquarium hobbyist with a proven track record of doing cool things with cool fish. Remember that video of masked angelfish spawning? Yeah that was the same Dr. Chung.

    While Dr. Chung is conditioning his prized Golden Clownfish, he is on the lookout for a suitable mate. What strain of clownfish do*you think he should pair it with? Like Matt Pedersen is doing with his lighting maroon clownfish, we can collectively help Dr. Chung make the Golden Clownfish the grand daddy of a world wide population of this new golden clownfish color so throw in your two cents in the comments.

    If you just gotta have more, Dr. Chung was inspired enough to create another video, this time a lot clearer and well lit. Never mind the hybrid clarion x passer angelfish in the background, he’s just Jelly that the Golden clownfish is much cooler than him. Huge thanks to Dr. Chung for this fabulous round of photos of the Golden Clownfish and we will be waiting with baited breath on the next update.

    Golden clown fish (Better version) - YouTube
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