Glynn Formans 17000L Reef


4 May 2007
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For future reference this is where it all started.
Glynn Formans 8000l (2200 gallon) System - Reef Hunters

This is just a teaser before we get started as i need a link to end the old thread off, hows this for a tank build........

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So much for the sky light having just a little leak.....OMG........... Can't wait to see some more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As with any build it is all in the preparation and getting things ready........some are just bigger than others. The roof had to be redone and the sky light removed, the sky light had given Glynn endless problems with the previous system as it leaked hundreds of litres of rain water during heavy rain storms, and all that rain water would end up deposited into the tank. So the sky light was history.
This is the position of the old system.


This was the area that was going to be for the new system. I was a guest bedroom that stood behind the wall where the old system was.

Now with all the added weight even the floor had to be you gotta luv this hobby.
Hell and my wife had a wobbly when i did my 2.3m display, gotta show her this.


Truely amazing. Been very interested in all Glynn's work since this all started.

Alan just remember since you are the point of contact for us we are expecting great detail and photo's in this build :D

Next time i'm in Durban i need to come see this monster!
Come on where are the rest.

Glynn took a bunch of corals from us three days back for this monster. Show us some more build pics.

Please!!!!, You're being a terrible tease.
Deffinetly tagging along on this thread!!!
Sorry guys adding as i have time at the moment.
Right lets see, where were we?? Please remember that i am putting this together from the talk Glynn gave us and what i see in the pics, hopefully Glynn will be on the board soon to answer any questions and correct me where i have made mistakes.
Anyway once the floor and roof were complete the next step was to build the wall into which the 2 hugh panes of glass were going to be fitted. This had to be done before the rest of the tank as there is no way of lifting the glass over a wall.


It is at this point according to Glynn where he really started to stress, as once this was finished it was time for the glass to go in.
Now the glass had been imported from Switzerland for the clarity it offered and had been shipped to SA in a container. It is 38 or 40mm thick and has 2 laminates in each sheet. The weight per sheet of glass is close to half a ton about 400 -500 Kg each. Now it was recommended that he use a crane to install the panes but there was no way to get a crane that side of the house.......hugh problem.
So what does a man do when he needs a crane and cant get one well the next best thing. You go down to the local gym and find 8 power lifters that are willing to lend you a hand, please note the glass was lifted with special suction cups as once up in the air there was no stopping and resting as you cant put that weight of glass on the bare ground as it will crack.
Wall built plastered and an epoxy resin painted on the wall it was time to silicone the glass into place. The epoxy was used to seal the wall and give the silicone something to bind to.

Enter the crane crew.



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