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    DSC_0444_600w.jpg A custom glass lid, cut to my specifications, cutting down on salt creep and evaporation.

    When a company does something right, I think Reef Builders readers ought to know about it. *Case in point – you can probably get glass from many different places. *I had a need for dozens of custom cut glass pieces; custom lids for the used tanks I had amassed over the years. *Of course, I needed some different panels and some diagonal cuts (rather than using the plastic strip that many conventional glass tops come with, I wanted access points at corners where cords could pass through).

    DSC_0427_600w.jpg 4 boxes of Glass, shipped to my door via UPS, from

    I searched locally for glass companies- the initial quote back was $1500+ a shocking price at first, since I hadn’t paid that much for the tanks. *I never got a revised number from my local company, but I know that $1500 was for tempered glass and for probably more finish than I needed.

    Meanwhile, enter *To my door, the entire quote was $261.00 for 46 pieces of glass at 1/8″ thickness to cover ten 5.5 gallons, fourteen 40 gallons (double panels), and eight 30 & 40 breeders (leaving a large opening on one side). *There were no frills, no extra stuff, just the functional glass I needed. *When I gave this bid back to my local glass company, they told me to go buy it – which I did.

    I should of course mention that over email, Glass Cages may be short with you, but that’s probably because they’re busy. *Well that, and because I think they’d much rather talk to you on the phone. *And they are wonderful on the phone. A total of 10 days later, the glass arrived in 4 boxes on my doorstep. *Check out the packaging.

    DSC_0428_600w.jpg Heavy duty cardboard gives way to outer layers of styrofoam, bound with packing wrap.

    DSC_0435_600w.jpg First look at the glass, which was also bound with wrap, inside the styrofoam casing.

    I should point out that according to Glass Cages, they cannot offer insurance on glass because UPS doesn’t cover glass in transit. *That said, I had ONE panel come shattered – everything else was perfect (and yes, I ordered some extra panels because I figured I would break something).

    DSC_0454_600wjpg.jpg Broken Glass in UPS shipment - looks worse than it was. Only one pane, in the middle, had shattered.

    So in the end, I have to say, for anyone looking to purchase a large quantity of glass lids for your aquariums, you might want to give the folks at Glass Cages a call at (615)-446-8877. *I can’t speak to their aquariums, but I know that I’m VERY pleased with the service and finished product I*received.

    DSC_0440_600w.jpg Why do you need cover glass? This is 2 days of evaporation - note the salt drips too.

    DSC_0444_600w.jpg A custom glass lid, cut to my specifications, cutting down on salt creep and evaporation.

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