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    Here in North America we are accustomed to having a competitive environment that provides a wide range of options, which can include direct online retail access, to all aspects of aquarium equipment, but in Europe it is quite different. For UK hobbyists, pricing and access can be quite different just across the channel and in order to strike a better balance between the UK and European pricing, Giesemann is launching a new online retail division, Giesemann-UK, in conjunction with its UK distributor Reef-Eden International. This is good news for the both hobbyists and Giesemann to extend the reach of its quality lighting products across the globe.

    Giesemann-UK will allow hobbyists direct access to Giesemann lighting at a competitive price. For example, the Matrixx-II and Matrixx-II dimmable T5 units now start at just £320.00 and £449.00 respectively, which including shipping and lamp set. Reef-Eden will still operate as the distribution and trade arm for retailers and Giesemann-UK will easily allow hobbyists to buy directly from their favorite local merchants at the same pricing online with its ‘Buy in Store’ feature. Below is the full statement from Reef-Eden:

    In response to customer feedback since 2013 regarding the availability, support, and pricing of Giesemann Products in the UK, and in specific relation to requests for more balanced pricing between the UK and Europe, we are very pleased to announce for 2015 a complete revision of all pricing for the UK which brings the entire Giesemann range into the realms of the everyday hobbyist looking for a top quality lighting or aquarium systems at a realistic price point, such as the Matrixx-II and Matrixx-II dimmable T5 units which now start at just £320.00 and £449.00 respectively, including shipping and lamp set.

    In addition to these changes, and to allow greater access for hobbyists who have struggled to easily locate and purchase these ranges at a local level, we are also pleased to announce the launch of which will run alongside our existing distribution parent company Reef-Eden International.

    Whereas Reef-Eden runs solely as our distribution and trade arm, Giesemann-UK will now give both freshwater and marine hobbyists who lack a local store direct access to the full range of Giesemann products which are now split into two dedicated marine and freshwater sections. This new structure sees all of the Giesemann ranges now priced right alongside other leading brands, and at comparable prices to most leading European dealers, thereby reducing the need for hobbyists to go outside the UK for better pricing, and speeding up the backup and support services in the process.

    In addition to these changes and to make things as easy as possible for the hobbyist, we have now also included full shipping into all aquarium and lighting system prices, and full lamp and tube sets into all applicable lighting systems which can be chosen at the time of order plus additional colour options on many lighting units including high gloss black.

    Running alongside Reef-Eden International, Giesemann-UK still fully supports the dealer network however, so for those who would still prefer to buy through an approved stockists at the new prices, whilst getting valuable face-to-face advice and feedback, we also provide links to a number of UK based Giesemann premier stockists through our ‘buy in store’ option.

    To view the full range of Giesemann products plus many other exiting ranges, please feel free to visit The home for Giesemann lighting and aquariums, jellyfish tanks, seahorse tanks, custom aquariums and sumps

    Simon Garratt
    Managing Director, Reef-Eden International.

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