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    The new Giesemann Aurora LED/T5 hybrid is an impressive looking light fixture that combines the best of both worlds – the efficiency, shimmer and color potential of LEDs and the spread and cover of T5 fluorescent lighting.

    The German company has been known for building quality products in the lighting arena and have helped bring the industry where it is today, particular in the realm of T5. As usual, the design of the Giesemann Aurora LED/T5 is pretty impressive and after looking into the feature set, we were even more impressed.

    The Aurora comes with dimmable and controllable LEDs, which is a must for any serious LED lighting application, but it also included dimmable T5s making it even more customizable to a plethora of lighting schemes to fit exactly what your system needs. There is also Bluetooth control, so you can edit your lighting without having to hardwire the light to your computer or smartphone.

    [​IMG]For you LED aficionados, the LEDs in the Futura Hybrid are 5W CREE XP-E / XT-E diodes with zero loss optic free 120-degree beam angles. According to the company notes, each LED module is 75W that has three independently-programmable LED channels with up to 1440 available set points per 24 hour phase, each capable of 0-100% dimming. For the diode mix, there are full-spectrum white, blue, royal blue, red and TRU-UV sub 400nm violets.

    With all these lighting variable under your thumb, you may be a bit overwhelmed getting a lighting schedule up and running however, the light also takes advantage of Giesemann’s proprietary FUTURA software so you can either select a preconfigured lighting program, or easily make adjustments to dial in your completely custom lighting scheme.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Built into the Future Hybrid’s computer is also the ability to have cloud, storm and lunar simulation to give your captive reef a more realistic look. Just in case of power failure, the on-board computer has a battery backup to ensure your settings are not lost.

    The Futura Hybrid comes in four models, a 24 in. (with four 24W T5s and 1 LED module at 85W), a 35 in. (4x39W T5 and 2 LED modules at 150W), a 48 in. (4x54W of T5s and 3 LED modules at 220W) and a 59 in. (4x80W of T5s and 4 LED modules at 300W). Prices range from around $1350 to $2700 in price. Read on for the full press release after the video.


     Unbeatable Performance

    Giesemann’s brand new AURORA-HYBRID LED/T5 system combines the control, flexibility, energy efficiency, and spread of high spec optic-free LED lighting, with the overlapping wide spectral range and even distribution capabilities of T5. No more hot-spots or shaded coral branches, and greatly reduced risk of localised bleaching under high intensity focal points. Corals under the Aurora are literally bathed in light from a wide range of overlapping angles and multiple light sources to promote optimum health and colour across the entire colony, whilst the active cooling system works to maintain both the lamps and LED’s at optimal working temperatures to ensure long term stability with improved lifespan.



    - Stylish saltwater resistant aluminium main body

    - Tough High Gloss two layer powder coating

    - 0-100% dimmable T-5 lamps controllable via Bluetooth

    - 0-100% dimmable multi-channel LED boards controllable via Bluetooth

    - Cloud and storm simulation / Real time lunar simulation etc.

    - Multi-point daytime plot system via class leading FUTURA software

    - Integrated heat-sink and active cooling using low noise variable speed fans.

    - On-board storage of all settings with memory battery backup and timekeeping.

    Unrivalled 24hour controllable lighting.

    The Aurora-Hybrid uses the class leading Futura control software to produce realistic sunrise-sunset effects, fully programmable day cycle light scenarios, cloud transitions, and real-time moonlight simulations whilst being easy to manipulate from a simple yet incredibly flexible group of programing features.

    Limitless Colour and intensity Control

    Each 75W LED cluster features three independently-programmable LED channels with up to 1440 available set points per 24 hour phase, each capable of 0-100% dimming.

    LED colour channels include:

    • full Spectrum White
    • blue
    • royal Blue
    • red
    • violet- TRU-UV sub 400nm
    All LED’s are zero-loss 120deg Optic-Free 5w CREE XP-E / XT-E controlled by high performance linear drivers.
    High Output T-5

    CAD designed Individual Parabolic Reflectors for each T-5 tube set are made from Ultra high gloss aluminium alloy with a 99% reflective capacity delivering increased light transference around the lamp up to 150% that of conventional square type non glossy reflector as used in many alternate brands. Each pair of T-5 lamps are independently controllable via built in electronic HF ballasts with dimming capacity from 1-100 % and are integrated into the Bluetooth control system. Light from the T5 banks crosses over and blends with the wide beam output of the LED boards to deliver a seamlessly mixed light field from a wide range of angles.

    Stylish Design

    The sleek sophisticated fixture is highly durable and made from salt water resistant anodised aluminium with stylish powder coating in 3 different colours.
    All components, except for the LED power supply, are enclosed inside the fixture housing.


    Intuitive control software for your MAC, Windows PC or any Android device, makes adjusting your AURORA-HYBRID comfortable and simple. With the added stability and reliability of Bluetooth, thereby avoiding the need for problematic online web servers or Wi-Fi connections and router set-ups.

    Plug & Play

    With the integrated controller, there is nothing more to buy.

    Excellent Build-Quality

    All components are manufactured and assembled completely in Germany by Giesemann Aquaristik

    Quiet, Cool Operation

    Runs perfectly cool and produces virtually no noise.

    Incredible value for money

    The AURORA-HYBRID offers a perfect high-quality German manufactured lighting solution at an incredible price compared to other brands without compromising on reliability or technical detail.

    Models / Specifications / Guide Price

    24″ AURORA-HYBRID     600 mm    4 x 24 Watt T-5 dim.  1 x LED Board max.  85 Watt LED    Bluetooth control with 5 channels * £849.00        
    35″ AURORA-HYBRID      900 mm    4 x 39 Watt T-5 dim. 2 x LED Board max. 150 Watt LED    Bluetooth control with 5 channels * £1099.00    

     48″ AURORA-HYBRID      1200 mm    4 x 54 Watt T-5 dim.  3 x LED Board max. 220 Watt LED    Bluetooth control with 5 channels * £1369.00    

     59″ AURORA-HYBRID      1500 mm    4 x 80 Watt T-5 dim.  4 x LED Board max. 300 Watt LED    Bluetooth control with 5 channels * £1699.00

     Mounting options: Adjustable suspension kit, with tank mount option available within the next 4-6 weeks

     *Guide prices are for UK, including Giesemann 2014 lamp set and shipping. 

    Availability: Now – To order contact your nearest authorised stockist or Giesemann Distributor.
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