RSS Giant tube anemone, Cerianthus filiformis, is way bigger than we’re comfortable with

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    Tube anemones of the Cerianthus genus have never been that popular in average reef tanks but with the recent surge in interest towards low-light reef tanks, reefers are looking towards all kinds of non-photosynthetic animals to fill their displays. Tube anemones are neat, and they can have very bright, fluorescent colors too, but that doesn’t make them any less of a danger to small unwary fish. You see the tentacles of tube anemones are extra sticky, and extra long and they can easily trap even medium sized healthy fish. If a “normal” sized tube anemone can be manageable in some reef aquarium set ups, let’s hope no juveniles of the giant tube anemone, Cerianthus filiformis, are ever collected for aquaria, lest they grow up to be two foot (70cm) wide giants such as the one pictured in this video.
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