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    We have been a fan of the GHL product line over the years and like many European companies, they forged relationships with distribution partners overseas to handle getting its products out to new markets. Today GHL has launched an affiliate company GHL USA LLC, located in Florida to be a direct distributor to the North American market.

    Previously, GHL worked with Aqua-Digital but realizing the market size, made the investment to launch the new company to handle its products direct. Aqua-Digital was always a great source of information and knowledge on behalf of GHL, and we were happy to hear the companies are parting on friendly terms.

    They have made a hire to fill the role of manager for GHL USA, but did not disclose who it is at this time. See below for the official news announcement from GHL.

    We are proud to announce the launch of our affiliate company GHL USA LLC, located in Florida.

    GHL USA will be managed by an American professional, who has been working a long time in the aquarium industry, and his team. Details about persons and location will be announced later.

    The company has been founded to achieve better product availability, quicker service and repairs and closer personal support for the US and Canadian market. GHL USA stocks most of the GHL products in their warehouse, all items can be restocked in a short time. The stock in the country and the direct supply of dealers from GHL will reduce the lead times dramatically. Dealers please contact for the newest price list and conditions.

    With the new warehouse it was possible to extend the range of available products for North America. GHL USA LLC sells nearly all GHL products and accessories, in all variants. Examples are the new Mitras LED-lightbars and the pendant lamp Mitras LX in 3 colors and versions for fresh water.

    We thank our former distributor, Aqua Digital Inc, who worked over 8 years for the success of GHL in North America. Aqua Digital and GHL agreed that it is necessary to change the business model for the further development of the brand.

    The new web site of GHL USA LLC is located at This site is still under construction, but important information can already be found there.
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