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    Great news for the ProfiLux crowd, as GHL will be releasing apps for both iOS and Android very soon. GHL has been working on the app for a while now, but it appears that they are now in the final stages of production, as they are releasing a few tantalizing screenshots of the apps. We emphasized* it in our Reef Angel Wifi review, and it applies to any controller on the market: the addition of smart phone control substantially adds to the user experience. It is just so much easier to pull out your phone rather than having to reach under the cabinet. Which is why it is so great seeing another major aquarium controller manufacturer jumping on the band wagon.

    Although all the screenshots are in German, the final release will be also be available in English, so no need to worry if your German isn’t all that great. Features as released by the manufacturer will be the following:

    • Real time feedback of parameters, alarms, light channels and sockets
    • Interface for feeding mode, water change mode, maintenance mode and and thunderstorm mode
    • Manual override for sockets and illumination
    • Graphs
    • User-configurable favorites menu
    Looking at the screenshots, the app seems to be very intuitive to use with a simple layout and quick access to other menus. When exactly the app will release is not entirely clear, but is should be very soon. Meanwhile, checkout the screenshots below.






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