RSS GHL Profilux controller nearly half the price of what it was last year!

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8 May 2007
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The Profilux has been one of the most trusted aquarium controllers for years, especially in Europe, but the high cost and currency exchange rate between the Dollar and the Euro has kept this reliable machine quite expensive in the American market at $1699. Last year in celebration of the ProfiLux’s anniversary, the GHL controller received a handsome price drop down to $1299 but thanks to a strengthening value of the dollar, GHL North America is now offering the ProfiLux for an unheard of price of $999.

A thousand dollars for the fully loaded ProfiLux controller is almost half of the cost of the top-of-the-line machine this time last year. And with this price drop GHL is not dropping any features from their complete kit, which still includes the GHL Profilux 3.T EX controller, GHL Power bar 5.1PAB (the latest release), temperature probe, pH probe, Redox Probe, Salinity probe, GHL Touch screen remote screen and a whole suite of calibration fluids.

For the first time ever, the GHL ProfiLux comes much closer to competitive pricing with the Apex Controller that has become well-entrenched in the American market. Now with a full suite of applications and the cloud based software called “MY GHL” which is soon to be released for the ProfiLux controller, we may see more reefers at least considering Germany’s best-selling aquarium controller here in America. [GHLNA]

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