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    We saw the prototype of the GHL Powerbar 5.1 at Interzoo in May and are now happy to see the product finally available to the reefing public with GHL announcing the product will begin shipping on January 19.

    The all new GHL Powerbar 5.1 for Profilux 3 aquarium controllers is another example of quality German engineering we’ve come to expect and admire from companies like GHL over the years.

    The Powerbar 5.1 features five switchable outlets with one being dimmable for your solid state (or dimmable T5) lighting needs. There is also one “always on” socket perfect for your ProfiLux, pumps or other devices you always need power supplied to them.

    The bar is designed to deliver safe and reliable communication with ProfiLux via ProfiLux Aquatic Bus and features built-in surge protection and a relatively compact size measuring in around 16.5 x 3.5 x 2.25 in. (420 x 90 x 60mm).

    Another nice thing is the Powerbar 5.1 is heavy duty which is necessary if you are switching on and off high-draw appliances like large pumps or high-wattage metal halide ballasts. The Powerbar 5.1 can handle these high inrush currents up to 160A for 20ms. They can also handle loads up to 15A (this is dependent on what country version you have, but good news is the US version can handle 15A).

    There are currently Powerbar 5.1 designed specifically for these ountries: Germany/Austria, USA/Canada, France/Belgium, United Kingdom, Australia, and Switzerland. The GHL Powerbar 5.1 retails starting around €220 (around $260 USD) and is available for preorder today.

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