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    We already touched on the new upgrades to the GHL Mitras LX including the native wireless control for GHL’s controllers and Mitras and we now know the PLM-PWC Expansion Card for the ProfiLux 3 is going to retail for $99 and will be shipping in October.

    The drop in card allows the ProfiLux 3 Outdoor or eX to communicate for the LX series of LED fixtures including the Mitras LX. This is a great way to synchronize multiple lights wirelessly without having to fiddle with manually updating each fixture. and LED-lamp LX are able to communicate wirelessly.

    This card won’t be good for ProfiLux II but look out for wireless control options for non-ProfiLux users coming later this year. Make sure you go visit the GHL booth at MACNA 2013 to see this along with the updated Mitras LX.

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