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    Magnetic stirrer bars are a new accessory from GHL which work directly in tandem with the company’s highly versatile Doser 2 peristaltic dosing system. The Magnetic Stirrer plugs directly into the back of the GHL Doser 2, corresponding with each of the four channels of fluid dosing.

    Why would you want Magnetic Stirrers for your fluids in the first place? Most of our aquarium additives are fairly homogenous in consistency so for dosing regular solutions of calcium, buffer and other liquids a stirring function is not necessary.

    However some companies make quite highly supersaturated supplements of calcium and buffer which can settle out of their solutions a bit, leading to some precipitation in the lines, and potential detrimental to delicate dosing equipment. But the most obvious use of magnetic stirrers like those that GHL is offering if for automatic dosing of food and bacterial additives.

    Liquid foods, or supplements with food particles or bacterial additives definitely should be stirred or shaken by users before being added to the tank. With the GHL Magnetic Stirrers you can program your food or bacterial solution to be thoroughly mixed before being dosed to the tank by the Doser 2, ensuring even dispensing of food particles and bacterial concentrations.

    Reefers have gotten really good at automatically dosing major mineral supplements and minor trace elements to our aquariums, but some kind of mixing device like GHL’s Magnetic Stirrer accessories are truly necessary for us to reach the next level in automatic feeding and bacterial dosing to our precious fish and corals. We look forward to learning more about GHL’s Magnetic Stirrers for the Doser 2 and testing for ourselves what kind of breakthroughs might be possible, especially when it comes to working with NPS and Azoox corals like Dendronephthya.

    Pricing and availability for the GHL Doser Magnetic Stirrers is unknown at the moment but we hope to follow up with more questions and details when we revisit GHL at InterZoo next month in Germany.

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