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    GHL just updated its GHL Control Center software adding English support in advance of the new GHL Mitras LX 6100 that will be making its North American debut at MACNA in Dallas this week. The updated software has a more modern feel with some user interface modifications to make programming your lamps more intuitive. Click through for more details, images and screen caps.

    Designed for use with Windows machines at the moment (Win XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8) the Mitras setup is pretty straightforward. The UI has been revamped to navigate with a ribbon bar and allows for separate windows to be opened in addition to resizing and positioning. Although the GHL Control Center will handle programming of the new Mitras lamp quite nicely, expect updates to allow ProfiLux support in a few weeks. This is pretty significant since the goal is for one software program to configure all GHL products.

    We were also able to get our hands on the quick start manual for the Mitras and we’re pretty excited with the final product and look forward to seeing it this weekend. First off, each GHL Mitras LX fixture will ship with the fixture, power supply and power cord, cable mounting kit and USB cable to connect and program your fixture via the Control Center Software.

    The Mitras LX is recommended to be strung no closer than 20 cm from the water surface (about 8 in.) so the hanging system is a must. The Mitras LX also allows you to run it in a high efficiency mode that has a power draw of 100W at 100% power all the way up to high output mode that will generate 180W all from the same fixture. Despite the power output, you’ll notice the weight of the fixture is a mere 5-plus pounds and measures in at 40 mm x 180 mm x 340 mm (around 1.5 x 7 x 13.5 in.).

    The LCD display is on one end of the fixture along with a capacitive touch control panel allowing you to control and program the fixture from here or via the USB port and GHL Control Center software. To connect the USB cable, the port is on the bottom of the lamp but does include a slide-over protector. One design change we would probably have recommended was moving the USB port to the side or top to decrease the chance of water intrusion but if you keep the lamp at the recommended height you should be find. One of our favorite features is the wireless connectivity that is built in meaning your lamps can all communicate with each other in master and slave mode without the addition of a connection cable.

    If you are going to be at MACNA in Dallas, you can see both the Mitras LX and the new software on display at the “A Reef Creation” booth. If you are looking to order a Mitras, If you are interested have your favorite LFS contact their GHL rep or email









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