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    While details of the forthcoming GHL LED light have been released, very little was known about the light spectrum. At full power, the light will bathe your aquarium in a wide color spectrum, that is according to new spectrum graphs from GHL. Eight independently adjustable LED colors the spectrum can be set which gives access to just about any combination that you can image. GHL is staying mum about what brand(s)of LED they will be using.* Additionally, GHL is expected to release full details in mid May this year. Until then we all can guess on the pricing for GHL’s LED goodness. But we don’t expect this light to be in the “budget” category. You can view the full graphs below the break.

    ghl-led-light.png All 8 channels at 100%, spectrum from 380 nm to 720 nm

    ghl-led-light-2.png Peaks at several colors

    ghl-led-light-3.png All channels without UV at 100%

    ghl-led-light-4.png UV + Blue

    ghl-led-light-5.png UV + blue + white

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