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    GHL has just unveiled its new dimmable*Mitras-Simu LED supplemental strips with more powerful LEDs to add supplemental LEDs to your T5, metal halide or LED lighting setup. The new Mitras-Simu-Stick LEDs come in 21.5 and 37.5 in. lengths in neutral white, blue, green and red colors.

    Not to be confused with the*Mitras Full Spectrum LED bar these*strips are one color and designed as affordable supplemental LED lighting. The light bars are contructed from anodized aluminum with cooling fins and adjustable mounting brackets. The are waterproof sealed with an ingress protection rating of IP67.

    GHL is using Samsung SMD 5060 LEDs in each light stick that are*controlled by a Mitras-Simu-Driver that can power up to four Mitras-Simu-Sticks.*According to the company, the strips are dimmable using a ProfiLux of ManuDimm controller but we aren’t sure if these are compatible with other 0-10v dimmers on the market.

    GHL has these available as starter kits or individual arrays. The 21.5 in. starter kit includes one strip and a driver for $149.00 that sips 6W per strip, each additional array $59.00. The larger 37.5 in. starter kit runs $169.00, sips 11W per stip with each supplemental array running $89.00. If you preorder before June 1, you can save 10% on your order.


    Manufacturer info:


    Through 4 separately dimmable light colors (neutral white, red, green and blue) you can achieve manifold light scenarious:

    • moon light
    • sunset and sunrise
    • thunderstorm / flashes
    Mitras-Simu is normally used a an effect-lamp in addition to the main illumination and is not made to replace the main illumination.
    For the operation of an Mitras-Simu-Stick the Mitras-Simu-Driver (see below) is required necessarily.
    Dimming and effects are only possible with a propriate controller (e.g. ProfiLux or ManuDimm). Without controller the Mitras-Simu-Stick will be operated with 100% brightness.

    • anodized aluminum body with cooling fins

    • the superiour cooling ensures a long life time and a maximum light performance

    • shiftable mounting brackets

    • availbale in several lengths

    • waterproof sealed (IP67)

    • high-qualitiy LEDs from Samsung (type 5060)

    • length of cable to Mitras-Simu-Driver 2 m

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